Fabric for shorts

Chino Short Fabric

Chino shorts mostly use light and medium weight cotton twill fabric. This gives it a uniformed look which is both easy to care for and stylish.

Cargo Shorts Fabric

Cargo shorts are made of quick drying poly-cotton blends which are relatively heavier. The fabric has quick drying features and is mostly a solid color.

Swim Shorts Fabric

Microfiber polyester and other types of polyester fabric is the go to choice to make swim wear shorts. This fabric is UV treated, offers stretch-ability which works great with any kind

Beach shorts (board shorts) Fabric

Board shorts also feature similar qualities as beachwear shorts. They use microfiber polyester fabric which has hand feel of a brushed twill. This quick drying fabric comes in both dyed and printed forms. However, usually the printed designs are more popular.

Camo Shorts Fabric

Camo shorts can actually use any fabric as long as it has some sort of camouflage print.

Gym Shorts Fabric

Typically used for athletic wear, gym shorts are made of polyester, spandex and sometimes even cotton. The fabric has moisture wicking qualities.

Skirt Fabrics

Skirts are made with many different types of fabrics. The popular ones include Polyester and satin because it has good draping features. Skirts are known for their versatility as there is a skirt out there for different occasions and seasons. Cotton, Denim and Jersey are also very popular choices to manufacture skirts. For short skirts, Cotton based Knits work better which have some form of stretch in them. Denim could also work as long as there is lycra/spandex in the fabric.

Boxer Shorts Fabric

Boxer shorts can be made with both woven and knits fabric. Woven boxers are popular because they are comfortable on the skin and have a smooth finish and a tear-resistant fabric. These shorts can be made with dyed or printed fabric. A blend of poly-cotton with spandex is preferred. The fabric also has moisture wicking qualities.

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