Sportswear Fabric

Baraka Textiles are specialists in manufacturing and printing of superior quality sportswear fabric in Pakistan. Sportswear fabric basically means fabric for athleisure, performance wear, athletic wear, fitness apparel, beachwear & swimwear, or even casual wear garments. This fabric commonly has a ratio of spandex mixed with cotton or polyester. This is done to give a garment the elasticity needed for high performance and flexible movement. Sportswear fabrics are commonly made with special added finishes for extra functionality. The common ones include UV protection, water resistance, and moisture wicking finish.

Printing For Sportswear.

Fabric used for sportswear needs to be aesthetically appealing, fully functional and sturdy at the same time. Baraka textiles makes sure to not only the best fabrics, but the latest printing techniques as well. Our digital printing facility is one of the best places for bulk manufacturing and printing for sportswear, particularly shorts and team jerseys. These include fabric for football kits, basketball kits, rugby, cricket, hockey, volleyball and several other sports attire. All this is achieved at globally competitive prices, no compromise on quality, in an eco-friendly manner.

Types of Sportswear Fabrics

Cotton based fabrics offer very good anti-odour qualities due to its breathability.

Spandex is one of the most common elements for sportswear in the market. It is a natural choice for many sportswear fabrics due to its elasticity and durability. The fibre can be mixed with cotton, polyester or with both. Poly/spandex can be manufactured with the following ratios:98/2, 97/3, 95/5, 92/8, 90/10, 88/12, 86/14 while cotton/spandex ratio can be up to 92/8.

It is common for many sportswear and outdoor-wear fabrics to have water resistant qualities. This is achieved after a process of coating a water resistant chemical called Known as DWR. This finish also gives the fabric wind resistance. PU coating can also be done to achieve water resistance.

Fleece fabric is used for hoodies, zip-tops and tracksuits. It is easy to handle, and has a very nice and warm handfeel.

Polyester based fabrics are tough and offer great insulation making them a great all weather cloth. The quality of printing also comes out amazing as well. Because of its anti-absorbent and moisture wicking qualities, polyester fabric is a common choice for sportswear apparel.

This fabric is made out of the weave called Mesh. A key characteristic of mesh s that it has a lot of open spaces in the shape of holes. These holes comprise of almost 15% of the fabric surface. Depending on the garment, the holes vary in their size. Such a construction is ideal for sports attire because it offers breathability, elasticity, and great ventilation.

This fabric is fry fine and not too heavy to wear. It can be classified when a fabric has a liner density of less than 1 denier. It is a synthetic fabric made with polyester and often used in high end active wear, drapes, and luxury sports.

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