Upholstery Fabric

When we talk about upholstery fabrics, durability and aesthetic appeal are two primary focus areas. Along with this, upholstery fabrics also need to be comfortable and have a suitable hand feel for wherever they are being used. At Baraka textiles, we are manufacturing, dyeing, and printing premium quality upholstery fabrics which can have multiple applications. Our fabrics are made of both organic and synthetic fibers. As a customized manufacturer, we have the capability to manufacture and print the fabric exactly as required with special finishes. Some of the finishes include anti-microbial, water-repellence, UV protection, Soil-repellant and many more. Have a look at the various upholstery fabrics we manufacture here in Pakistan.

Types of Upholstery Fabrics


Woven diagonally, twill is a tight woven cotton fabric admired for its unique finish and durability. Its weight ranges from a light to a medium weight fabric. Twill fabric has become one of the best fabric choices when it comes to upholstery. This machine washable fabric is quite versatile and can used in several upholstery items. This includes soft furnishing fabrics, blankets, light upholstery, curtains, cushion quilting, or sofa linings. twill fabric can be manufactured on order at Baraka textiles in Pakistan. Our expertise has allowed us to ship over 100,000 of meters of twill fabric all over the world in various colors, prints and weights.


Canvas is an extremely durable fabric and a very popular choice for a range of upholstery items. This is a plain weave fabric known for its strength and sturdiness. Cotton canvas is more widely accepted but 100% polyester canvas is also used widely in upholstery projects. This heavy-duty fabric is used in moderate use furniture. Its widely applied in lining and seating. Other applications include mats, blankets, Hammocks, tote bags, pillows, aprons, table mats, and shades. Not to forget, canvas fabric is the go-to choice for a lot of tents. Canvas can be dyed, printed, striped, water proof, UV resistant much more. This multipurpose fabric can be manufactured on request weighing up to 12 Oz for different projects at Baraka textiles.


Poplin is a soft yet crisp tight weave fabric made of 100% cotton. Fine threads are sued to make this fabric to ensure a buttery smooth surface. The fabric has a cooling effect which makes it a great choice to make upholstery items like bedsheets and pillow covers. The fabric is stain resistant, wrinkle resistant, has water resistance and is a great option to print on. Poplin fabric can be manufactured in various widths, dyeing and printing options at Baraka textiles on request.


Interlock weave fabric is a smooth, tight knit, soft fabric. commonly Made with cotton or polyester, interlock has great absorbent qualities. For upholstery, interlock is used to make receiving blankets and cushion covers. Baraka textiles manufactures and prints a wide collection of interlocks which are used in furnishings and upholstery.


Satin weave fabric is a beautiful draping fabric with a smooth silky finish. Its soft texture and hand feel is widely used for different upholstery requirements. Known for its unique gloss, satin can be made with both cotton and polyester or even a poly-cotton finish. It is a great choice to use in decorative furniture, pillow coverings and other variations of cushioned furniture. Satin fabric is also used to make curtains. This fabric is highly durable and wrinkle resistant making it a great choice for upholstery. With possibilities to Print or dye the fabric, Baraka textiles can manufacture premium satin fabric on order.


Yoga pants or leggings aFleece fabric provides the perfect hand-feel, insulation, and warmth to manufacture blankets and throw overs. Fleece is typically made with polyester for better insulation. However, cotton fleece fabric is not uncommon. Recycled polyester is also used for manufacturing fleece fabric. Due to its fuzzy and comfortable texture, fleece remains a popular choice for different upholstery items such as bed covers, rugs, pillows, lining fabric and soft furnishings. Fleece blankets is still the most common use of this fabric in upholstery. Micro fleece is a great option to manufacture lightweight blankets which provide insulation and warmth. Common fleece fabrics include cotton fleece, cvc fleece (poly-cotton), polyester fleece, microfleece, polar fleece, Sherpa fleece, anti-pill fleece and French terry fleece. Fleece is a versatile fabric which can have multiple finishes like moisture wicking and water-resistance. Baraka textiles manufactures a variety of solid and printed fleece fabrics in Pakistan.re mostly comprised of cotton or polyester fabric blended with different levels of lycra/spandex. The amount of lycra depends on how much elasticity is preferred and the movement required in the exercise. This ranges anywhere between 2-14 % spandex ratio in the fabric. Both dyed and printed versions are used to make leggings depending on the style and brand.

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