Camo Fabrics

Camo fabric Manufacturing & Printing

Camo pattern has been used by mankind for centuries in order to deceive its prey and hide from the enemy. This is done by using materials and colours which blend in with the environment around us. Camo fabric caries out a similar role whether it’s being used by military men hunters or fishermen, to give them the power over their enemy in shape of proper disguise. In recent times, the camo pattern has become a fashion statement and a symbol of man connecting with the outdoor life. Baraka Textiles is amongst the pioneers of textile manufacturers in Pakistan which specializes in printing licenced camo fabrics. After being converted, these fabrics are exported to USA and beyond. Having printed Real tree and Mossy Oak patterns for over a decade, the company is well experienced in manufacturing customised fabrics for the outdoor and hunting industry.

Types of Camo Fabrics
Baraka textile develops fabric as per the requirement of the client. We have manufactured camos in both woven and knits on cotton and polyester based fabrics with special applications. The popular fabrics include camo fleece fabric, camouflage jersey fabric, camo French terry fabric, waterproof camo fabric (DWR), Cotton twill, UV treated camo, Antimicrobial finish camo, canvas camo fabric, spandex camo, rip stop camo, moisture wicking camo, oxford camo among others.
Applications of Camouflage Fabric
The camo fabric is used extensively to make military uniforms, hunting clothing, fishing apparel and several fashion and novelty goods. This includes hunting jackets, hunting pants, camping equipment, camo shorts, camo shirts, camo caps and camo leggings. This is an extensive list as the fabric can be used for almost anything.

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