T Shirt Fabrics

Types of T-Shirt Fabrics

T-shirts are the most commonly worn piece of clothing offering comfort and style at the same time. T-shirts have come a long way as the fashion and textile industry has progressed. Now, T-shirts are made out of so many other materials, with unique weaves, cuts, and printing techniques.

Baraka textiles manufactures fabric for tops & upper-wear in Pakistan. The fabric manufactured is rigorously tested, goes through the highest quality inspection standards and then sent to respective garment manufacturers. The fabric is used to make apparels for the global retail brands that we know of today. The fabric for each garment program is made on demand which caters to the exact requirements of the respective buyer.

Different Types of Cotton T-shirts

100% Cotton

A typical 100% cotton t-shirt is made with carded open-end fibres giving it a fuzzy texture when placed under a microscope. This is the normal standard due to the fact that these T-shirts are durable.

Combed Cotton

Combed cotton is known to be really soft due to the fact that the cotton fibres are pre-treated before spinning. These are slightly on the expensive side but the hand feel of this cotton makes it worth it!

Organic Cotton

As the name suggests, the production of organic cotton has to be in an eco-friendly manner. This means significant reduction in the use of fertilizers and pesticides to grow cotton. As far as the material is concerned, its super soft, and as awareness regarding global warming increases, so will its production.

100% Ring-Spun Cotton

Ring spun cotton is a common quality used to make T-shirts. It is a strong and tight fabric and yet it feels more breathable and lightweight. This is because this cotton is processed in a way where the fibres which make the cotton yarn are straightened out so they all can flow towards the same direction.

Blended & Synthetic Fabrics for T-shirts

Even though cotton remains the most popular choice for T-shirt manufacturing, there are many other exciting options which include synthetic fabrics like polyester& lycra , or multi- blended varieties such as poly cotton, Polyester-cotton-spandex and modal blends.

Lycra infused T-shirts

Lycra is the material which provides the element of stretch ability to our clothing. It is often blended together with cotton and/or polyester to give it a balance of sturdiness and elasticity. It is commonly used for sportswear T-shirts which require a lot of movement.

Polyester T-shirts

Polyester is a synthetic fabric commonly used for athletic wear. Polyester T-shirts offer a lot of functionality. It is much stronger than cotton, dries much faster and provides better insulation. Polyester t shirts don’t get stains easily and have great moisture-wicking options. It’s a popular choice for athletes because of the stretch it offers. Polyester Jerseys are a very good choice to make athletic apparel.

Modal T-shirts

Modal fabric is made from Beachwood plant fibres. Modal fabric has a great hand feel and its T-shirts do very well in the summers. It is shrink and fade resistant and remains soft for a longer period of time.

Poly-Cotton Blend (CVC Fabric)

Today the market is full of T-shirts which are made from a combination of polyester and cotton. Often times, it is difficult to tell by the hand feel because the quality of production and finishing has improved a lot. By blending polyester and cotton, the shrinkage levels are minimized while increasing the time it takes to dry. These T-shirts provide a very good balance while incorporating the advantages of polyester and cotton. They are strong, Request a sample Request a quote Get in touch breathable, and long lasting t-shirts. The ration of blend varies according to the functionality and the feel required for the T-shirts.

Tri-Blend T-shirts

Tri blend T-shirts are usually made from a combination of cotton, polyester and lycra. Usually Tri-blend shirts are considered of high quality as they are one of the softest ones available in the market. The ratio of each fibre is carefully selected in order to give the T-shirt optimum levels of functionality.

Printed Fabric for T-shirts

Depending on the fabric composition, T-shirts come in many printed forms. Two of the most common printed T-shirts types include Sublimation printed T-shirts and Screen printed ones. Sublimation/transfer Printing is more suitable and common for polyester based T-shirts and the end results are very sharp. Screen printing is also a very popular method where and can be applied to many types of fabrics.

Dyed/Solid T-shirts (Single Coloured T-shirts)

Dyed T-shirts are very popular for basic everyday fashion. They mostly comprise of one colour covering the entire body of the T shirt. These T-shirts are long lasting and if worn the right way, give a great fashion statement.

Types of T-shirts Weaves

Jersey knit T-shirts

Jersey T-shirt is one which if made from the Jersey knit fabric. It can be of cotton, polyester or any other fibre but the knit is the same. It’s a single knit small grain fabric. The knit feels very soft on the outside and this type of T shirt is undoubtedly one of the most popular choices when it comes to T-shirts

Rib Knit T-shirts

Rib Knit T shirts tend to fit really well and tend to take the shape of the body. The fabric is more elastic and long lasting as compared ton plain knits. There are common varieties in ribs which include 1x1 rib and 2x2 rib knit.

Interlock T-shirts

Interlock fabric is another robust fabric which is used to make T shirts. It is a double knit fabric with lesser elasticity and higher durability. This fabric doesn’t lose its shape very easily and gives a firmer hand feel as compared to jersey knit fabrics.

French Terry T-shirts

French terry is a warm and fuzzy fabric which is a great choice for casual wear garments. The fabric is stretchable and a great option to make loungewear. It’s a good choice because it’s not as light as a regular T-shirt fabric while not being as heavy as a sweatshirt.

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