Baraka Textiles is a manufacturer and exporter of a variety of dyed/solid fabrics. The development involves many key processes such as preparing the fabric, dyeing and then finishing. Since there are a lot of dyeing methods and varieties, we make sure to understand the exact requirements such as the end use, washing methods, and color retention/ color fastness requirements.

Our dyeing processes and methods include disperse dyeing, reactive dyeing, VAT dyeing, jigger dyeing and many more. Below are some of the many dyed fabrics we have manufactured and exported. All were made on demand and required a focused approach.

Fabrics/Applications: Cotton, poly-cotton, T shirts, pants chinos, blouse, skirts, outerwear, twills, fleece, jersey, canvas.

Want to see which dyeing method works best your you? For manufacturing, buying and sourcing solid dyed fabric