The lead time varies depending on the nature of the order. This means the order quantity and the number of processes involved. Our standard lead time is 5-7 weeks after approval.
Yes. For polyester based fabrics, we offer digital printing with low MOQ’s/design. These fabrics include poly-satin, poly-charmeuse, crinkle, chiffon, interlock, jersey, and many more polyester based fabrics
No. All our fabrics are made on demand.
We manufacture both woven and knits.
We mainly make fabrics for apparels and garments. However, there are quite a few fabrics which we make that can be used in upholstery as well. These include Twills, heavy weight duck/canvas used for lining, and some interlock & satin fabrics can also be used as tapestries.
Rotary and digital for cotton, digital & HTP for Polyester
This entirely depends on the fabric which is required from us since we manufacture on demand. We are asked to supply fabrics for different kinds of apparels such as fashion wear, casual wear, sportswear, workwear, swimwear, street-wear, hunting wear, fishing wear and so on. Inside each niche, our fabric is used to manufacture or stitch t-shirts, pants, chinos, shorts, blouse’, skirts, yoga pants, stretch garments, jeans, camo wear, caps, boxer-shorts, tank-tops, bra’s, shirts, jackets, pajamas, hoodies, track pants and so on.
Our focus is on exports as we have set a high quality standard. However, we frequently also sell to Pakistan based exporters and garment manufactures who require quality fabrics made on demand.
There are several tests that we do, depending on the nature of the order and the specific testing requirements expected by the client. These tests include color fastness; color fastness to washing, Color fastness to crocking, Color fastness to water, Color fastness to perspiration, Colorfastness to light, Yarn count, Tensile strength, Abrasion test, Tear strength, Seam strength, fabric skewing, pilling resistance, water repellency test, antibacterial test, anti-microbial test, wicking test, fabric burst strength, UV test and many more.
The standard MOQ is 3000 meters/ design. This, however is flexible depending on fabric and process. For example, for printed polyester fabrics, we often have very relaxed MOQ’s. They can go as low as 200 Meters/ design. MOQ for cotton based fabric is higher. This is something we can be further discussed upon knowing more details.
Yes, we’re certified by OEKO Tex, ISO, BCI cotton and more to follow
We offer organic cotton based fabrics along with BCI cotton. We also manufacture recycled polyester fabrics.
Yes. We have samples of fabrics which we have done in the past which can be sent free of cost upon request. We can also develop your samples at a mutually agreed cost.
This means that the fabric is made from the beginning as per the client’s requirements.
No. We only manufacture and supply finished fabric which is ready to stitch. If you are a garment manufacturer, we can provide you fabrics. And if you are a garment exporter/importer, we can manufacture finished fabric for you and send it to your nominated factory/mill.
We can manufacture fabrics in different widths as required by the client. The fabric width can range from 48”- 72”
Pad batch, pad thermasol, and jiggers for smaller runs.
Yes, most of the fabrics we export have some kind of special features such as UV, antimicrobial, Enzyme wash, Anti-odor, soil/oil resistant, DWR/Water resistant, Peach Finish and many more.
versatility is our strength. We can manufacture a wide variety of woven and Knit fabrics. However, our strong suit is printing of cotton based knits such as Jersey, Satin, fleece. We are also very strong in Twills. Polyester printing is also of exceedingly high quality.
Yes. We have internal testing as well as 3rd part testing