Hoodie Fabric – Sweatshirt Fabric

Hoodies generally use Fleece fabric which has a wool like texture. Fleece is commonly used for creation of sweat fabrics which includes hoodies. Sweatshirt fleece is often made with cotton, polyester, or a poly cotton blend. Spandex is also mixed together which gives the fabric an extra stretch. Smooth on the outside and fuzzy on the inside, sweatshirt fabric is a perfect choice for manufacturing hoodies and loungewear.

Canvas Jackets Fabric

Needless to say, Canvas fabric is used to make canvas jackets, which is typically made with 100% cotton or a blend of poly-cotton. This fabric is a plain woven fabric which is medium to heavy weight. Known for its durability, canvas fabric gives these jackets an extra level of sturdiness. These jackets can be multipurpose as well. With DWR waterproofing, the fabric ensures the jackets are water resistant. Other functions can also be added to this fabric such as UV treatment.

Fabric for Scarves

Scarves or mufflers are very popular items of outerwear for the winter season. These articles are commonly made with wool. However, Cotton, Jersey, and satin scarves are other fabrics used to make beautiful scarves. These can be either dyed and/or printed.

Cap/Hat Fabric

Choosing the right fabric is essential to make quality headwear. Caps are made of both natural fabrics like cotton and synthetic materials like polyester. Mesh weave fabric is the preferred choice for headwear manufacturing due to its durability and comfort. Cotton twill, Fleece, and canvas are also very popular choice when it comes to hat making.

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