Pant Fabrics

Different Fabrics Used in Pants

Baraka textiles manufactures fabric for bottom-wear including chinos, Jeanswear, workwear, jogger pants and sweatpants in Pakistan. The fabric manufactured is rigorously tested, goes through the highest quality inspection standards and then sent to respective garment manufacturers. The fabric is used to make apparels for the global retail brands that we know of today. The fabric for each garment program is made on demand which caters to the exact requirements of the respective buyer.

Workwear & Outdoor Wear Pants

Canvas fabric is a popular choice for pants when it comes to outdoor wear and workwear. Canvas is typically made from cotton and is woven in a straight pattern where one strand is passed over and under the next, creating a flatter fabric. This means the fabric is highly durable, sturdy and has water resistant qualities. Canvas has 2 varieties. The plain weave, which is coarser and the duck weave which is smoother. Need prices for your canvas fabric program?

Jeanswear & Urban Wear

Denim fabric is a widely accepted fabric form in the world of fashion. It is commonly used to make jeans. Over the years there has been a lot of innovation in denim. Today, denim is also available in synthetic and semi synthetic materials, has great stretch ability and amazing technical features. Learn more about denim fabrics and pricing here.

Chino Pants

Cotton twill is normally used for chino pants. This weave is characterized by diagonal lines on the face of the fabric. The result is a strong and sturdy fabric. However, this doesn’t take away the looks of the chino. The pants are sleek and stylish while maintaining a high quality standard. Usually these pants are in solid colors. However, printed twill fabric is also used for different apparels. Twill fabric can vary in weight depending on many factors. Lightweight and medium weight twill is commonly used for chino pants which offer comfort, style and durability at the same time. To learn more about chinos, twills and our bulk pricing, Get in touch!

Jogger Pants

Jogger pants are a versatile piece of apparel used on many occasions. They are basically track pants usually made with cotton or poly-cotton blends with an elastic end near the ankle. Known for their stretch and comfort, these pants are commonly used for athletic wear. Knit fabrics such as Fleece, French terry and jersey Knits are typically used to manufacture jogger pants.


Sweatpants are usually made of heavy cotton or polyester knit fabrics like Jersey, fleece or French terry. Fleece has a fuzzy and soft back while French terry has a loop composition on the back.

Yoga Pants & Leggings

Yoga pants or leggings are mostly comprised of cotton or polyester fabric blended with different levels of lycra/spandex. The amount of lycra depends on how much elasticity is preferred and the movement required in the exercise. This ranges anywhere between 2-14 % spandex ratio in the fabric. Both dyed and printed versions are used to make leggings depending on the style and brand.

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